About humility for the Great Mystery

Humility is very close to pause. Inhale and exhale, respect for life, for the Great Mystery, there is also some delight, modesty and gentleness. There is no fear in humility, but there is admiration for the unknown. No matter how strong will be the urge to scientifically speed, do millions of studies, we will not know. And that’s humility, not to know, to trust, to undergo the process that we underwent at the time of our birth. We are born in the confidence that we will be looked after and fed and we do not scientifically research who, what, how and why. We are dependent on others. And not only then. We are still dependent on the protection of Mother Earth and Heavenly Father. We only forgot about it a long time ago. They were before us. Life was before us, and we are one of the many fruits of this life, but we will return to where we came from and no scientific research will save us from this.

We are children, and we behave as if we were parents.

To life. To the Great Mystery. To our parents. I miss the world that creates us, not created by us.



When you love life, then you love every aspect of it. You notice that everything happens for a reason.There is no one without the other. The flower does not bloom forever, the trees do not grow green forever, the darkness of the night appears, so that later the day can shine. Everything is needed.
Everything is just as it is meant to be.
However, we are still fighting each other, we still do not want to see our shadow. We pretend that it is not here. Everything is in us and the seeds of everything. And everything is for something. We fight nature in the same way. We’d like to poison weeds, rodents, ants, ticks, kill wild boars, viruses and bacteria, cut down trees that are in our way, tear out tufts of grass from the pavement. Because everything must be something, but of course not as it is, but as we thought up. In this ideal there is no space for wildness, unpredictable events, for anger, for sadness, for sorrow, for violence, for tones of shame. Only the more we cannot stand our shadow and illuminate it with the light of our consciousness, the more it lengthens and drags behind us, and we remain in distaste. Because life is everything, not just the sun and the beach. It’s a swamp, it’s a compost, it’s a downpour, it’s a hail. It’s a rose with spines, not without. And we still have some vision of how everything should “look” and we want to see only a piece and still on our own terms. Dandelions will not have such a color as pansies, and the day will not be as good as night. Everything is perfect, just as it is, and when we begin to notice perfection in imperfections, we will begin to live life to the fullest.
The beauty of gardens and people is in their diversity.
Because only by feeling we will we connect with the Earth.



I associate the river with courage, wildness, perseverance and softness at the same time. It reminds me of being close to myself and swimming with the current despite all the difficulties that the water definitely and gently washes away. The river is a feeling. I can’t understand how a person could come up with the idea that he would regulate and control the
river. It’s like trying to tame fire, air or earth. And yes, we are also trying to do that. You can put the tiger in the cage, children in the benches and pull the weeds from the ”beautifully” trimmed lawns. However, when we choke wildness in one place, it comes out on the other side with doubled
strength. Climate change makes us aware of this. What ideas can man come across? I am sure that
many of them humanity has up its sleeve? Lock the ocean in a plastic bubble? Concrete sky? Catch a
cloud in the cage? Maybe fence the moon? Or take away some access to the sun? It seems
completely irrational, right? As probably probably no one once could have imagined that the forests
will turn into wood plantations, wild animals will begin to disappear from the face of the earth in
favor of terrible farms of farm animals, that pride will be short cut grass without a piece of wild plant,
that people will lose contact with their intuition and feeling and will blindly follow the instructions of
others that the earth will be considered dirt.
Water in creation myths was the womb water, mother of all things. The letter M like mother is an
ideogram representing waves on the water. Often, water was a metaphor for love. Like water, love
stayed with those who held it in a loosely open hand, and those who tightened their wrists remained
with nothing. Water, like love, is essential to the life forces of fertility and creation. Without them,
the material and immaterial world will become a desert. (Source for this paragraph: Barbara C.
Walker  “The Woman’s Encyclopedia of myths and secrets”)
And we we are slowly left with nothing. We still don’t understand what “love” means. We don’t know
how to love ourselves, others, Earth. We keep our wrists tightly, controlling, dominating, regulating,
concreting. There is drought on Earth and drought in our hearts.
Let’s relax our wrists, open our hearts and go with the flow despite all the difficulties.




Recently, I wrote about the weeping of trees. This cry is also the cry of people, other plants and the


We all cry silently in our hearts.

We cry because we miss. We miss the world that we know can exist and we don’t have it.

We cry because we lose. We lose the remains of the world we live in.

We mourn a double loss.

We also cry because we begin to feel and feel the pain of this world. We begin to feel the extent of our


During this break, and at the same time a place where you can see many possibilities, we can learn a

lot from nature. Let’s look at these weeping trees. Some are still lucky to watch us for hundreds of

years. What are the trees doing? Are. They breathe to their roots. They are in their power, but also in

openness to the fact that, despite their power, every day their life can end. Every day they give life to

other beings, including us.

Let’s breathe to the roots. Then clarity and power will come, we will feel in transparency what is important.

People are crying softly. Their hearts yearn for freedom, love, gentleness and being.

Those who impose restrictions on others also cry. Only Their cry is covered by fear. Let us remember

that they deeply desire love as well. When we see our enemy in them, we will enter another war path,

another vicious circle of the old world.

Let’s breathe to the roots.

People are crying softly. Maybe you will hear them?




During quarantine in Poland we missed the forests en masse. Then, when we could not enter them. I

wonder if on a daily basis when everything was ”normal” if we really have felt that the forests were

needed so much. It is very interesting that at the moment when some of us do not have a job and

everyday normal activities, we want to spend more and more time in nature ….

It was at this moment, when the forests have been ”taken” from us away, that it I was worth looking

at them and hearing the trees. Most of the forests in Poland are economic forests. A very nice name.

In fact, this is the most ordinary INDUSTRIAL BREEDING for me. Just as animals are kept in terrible

conditions and live much shorter than they would live in the wild, so are trees treated like a wood


Do you know that pine can live up to several hundred years? Even 500 years. By about 30 years, pine

trees have the fastest growth and this is exactly when they are cut down. Just like animals on

industrial farms are killed when they reach adequate growth.

The trees are killed and die prematurely. They want to serve us, but they also want to live and enjoy


Humanity has focused on eternal youth and continuous extension of life, but only their own. In her

fear of death, she was so stuck that she destroys and kills everything around her.

Next time you go to the forest, look at the trees as living beings equal to us who want to live as much as we do.