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Who am I?


“Who am I?” this is one of many deep questions, which requires different answers than completely obvious ones.


I am a mystery, the Earth, life, energy, consciousness, other people, beings, love. I carry it all in me.

The capacity of our “I” is much larger than we think. I am also a man, a woman, a mother, a vegan, holding circles, leading workshops and running a forest


The second important question, and maybe even more crucial for me is

“What is my purpose of
being on Earth?”

I am here to support life in myself and in others, to experience it in the most vivid
way and at the same time create the least suffering for the Earth and other creatures inhabiting it.

I am here to live more, feel stronger and look deeper.

I am interested in areas related to deep ecology, spirituality, culture, alternative education, creating a new story on Earth.

And who are you?

What is your  purpose of being on Earth?

I am curious. Drop me a line.